Secure and Quick

Secure and Quick

Security of your data is paramount. Financial Choice use the same level of encryption that Banks use on their data and our practices are monitored by Verisign and MacAfee.

No one can move any money using Financial Choice to even you.

This technology is currently used by over 60 million people worldwide and has never been subject to any suspect hacking. You can organise and move your financial data but you cannot funds into or out of Financial Choice platform. We use the world's most sophisticated aggregation platform to organise your money. Safe and Secure. No one can save or copy your log in details.

Round the clock, Round the world protection.

Financial Choice increases your level of security on your banking platform by monitoring your spending habits and alerting you to anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps a large transaction in a strange place that is out of character. You can then check it out with your Financial Institution directly.